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Excess using Php Programming

By use Php programmer get 4 excess and more efficient to build a website. With Php we can make a dynamic site with little work.


Internet World

Short history of Internet.


Opportunity from Expire Domain Name

With Expire Domain name, webmasters can get a potential traffic to increase visitors.


Domain Cloaking Definition

Domain cloaking generally is used to make domain name is look as professional and easy to remember. But before you cloak your domain name, you must be carefull some important thinks..


How To Get Make Good Navigation at Your Website

Step by step tutorial how to catch new visitors and make them familiar with your site.


Questions list to Choose Hosting Service

Before choosing a web hosting company to host your file, you need to make some questions for yourself. Here is the question list i made for you.


How to choose a reliable web hosting

Too many web hosting company at internet. If you find a reliable web host you must know the top 2 conditions how to choose a reliable web hosting.


Web Application History

Do you want to know the html and other web application history? what is the web application? Read more this article for details.


Cheap e-mail & web access via Dial-Up Telephone

How to access internet with cheapest and simplest way. A tutorial from Onno W Purba.


How To Build a Good Web site

If you plan to build a website, there are three main factors you must prepare before do it.


In-House vs. Out-of-House Web Server

After make a web site, we must put it at a server. But what will you choose, host it at your own server or host it at other server. It is a difficult selection but you can try my experience.