How To Build a Good WebSite

Step by Step Guide to Build a Web Site


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There are no region limits today. Internet makes everything easy for us. Thanks to www. At this condition, all products that out come from a company service or good must competing in international market that widely open.

A good web site will present us information for helping in introducing and marketing a company's product. In its development, all webmasters try to make their site visited by many people because one of measuring web site's success is small or large number of visitors.

If you are planning to build a good website, there are some steps you have to do. There are 3 main steps you have to prepare, among other thing is design the web that will developing and implementing it in web programming. After certain in design, the next step is ordering or purchasing domain name. Domain name is our web page identity name in internet, people know us from our web domain name. The last step is purchase or rent computer server that act as a web server to locate our web site page.

This day many party that provide us with server rent service. We can take it for free or just pay little bucks. In design pages step, we can do it with by self with our creativity. Another way, we can also using service from a professional web designer.


Web Design Software

In design pages, we must concentrate our brain at the design it self. We must give full attention to the effect of design, then to the animation. Its purpose is to make sure our page interesting and beautiful so the visitors will like our web site so they will come back and come back again. And next day, they will order our product or service.

Nowadays, there are some software that rely help us to design web pages. Example of web design software is Macromedia Flash that can creates a web page more dynamic and attractive. Except that, there are some other software that its function is to make current appear design or page layout, among them Adobe Photoshop for bitmap, Adobe Image Ready to cut the picture to HTML form, and Macromedia Freehand for vector basic design.

We can also add design effect at our page, like put life impressions at our design, like adding light effect, texture, and text manipulation. One of the software we can use is Macromedia Firework to make text effect, Painter to add painting effect, and Ulead Photo Impact to give frame effect and design a beautiful icon.

Except design effect in our web site page, we can also put animation banner to it to make eye catch effect. The software we can use is 3D Studio Max, Gif Construction Set, and Macromedia Flash.


HTML Software

If we tough the design is correct and perfect so we can go on web programming step. But before it we need to know how and what program that we need to build a website.

Generally, web page is build by a language named HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language). In the HTML language, we can see so many tags which be translated to a web page by other program named Browser. Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator are two among many browsers that often use by people to browsing in internet.

After finishing design we have to implementing it to web program language.Web programming or web program language duty is managing database access, form, and make a web more interactive. There are some program languages to create a dynamic web site, which mean we will easy to up date data content from that web site. The best language program is CGI, ASP, and PHP.

Whereas editor software to unite all picture and design place arrangement, animation, filling web page with text, like Allaire Homesite, Cold Fusion, and Microsoft Frontpage. After design and implementing web programming step, the next step is ordering and purchasing domain name. So, web site that we have built has a unique name that we call it Domain Name.



Domain Name

Domain Name is an internet address naming system stand as hierarchies. The hierarchy structure at a domain name is:

  • Up most level that called Top Level Domains (TLDs). Example exist popular TLD are .com, .net, .org and many more.

  • Second Level Domain (SLDs). The example is, whereas webhostingdetails is SLD. The Second Level Domain is a name that appears below the Top Level Domain.

  • The next is Third Level Domain. The example is www.webhostingdetails, where www is the Third Level Domain.

Organization or league that managing Top Level Domain (TLDs) and second (SLDs) is ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, If we want purchase a domain name, there is procedure that called "Domain's Name Purchasing". While Third Level Domain next on, we can make after possessing that domain.

Domain name consist on two, they are Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs). The gTLDs is international apply. Some xample of gTLDs are .com, .org, .net, etc.

The second is Country Top-Level Domains (cTDLs) that apply in restrict territorial only. The examples are, .com, .my. The be apply in indonesia only.

Every territorial has naming and register system difference rules for cTLDs. For gTLDs (domain international) can be registered at For cTLDs or territorial domain arrange by an authorized league in every territory. In Indonesia for example cTLDs management arrange by
PANDI (Pengelola Nama Domain Internet Indonesia).


If your domain is expire because you don't pay the charge your domain will not be seen by your users until you paid it.


Purchasing a Server

After possessing domain name, one more thing we have to do to finishing in building a website. That is purchasing or rent a server to placing our web site. So domain name for our website puts on a server which has an internet access.

All files and data of our web site will be placed in this server. There are 3 methods that can we choose to place a web site in a server. First alternative is purchasing own computer server.

But a server price far more expensive compare with a personal computer. This alternative may be appropriate to us who has enough money to invest. The computer server we hold must have internet connection.

The second alternative is rent other company computer server or popular name is Web Hosting company. This alternative maybe more low in cost if comparing with first alternative.

The rent's cost at web hosting company usually determine by how large our web site deposited capacity and its data.

Third alternative is registering our web site that we have developed in web hosting service provider freely. These alternatives more appropriate to us who want manage personal web site or small business without web hosting cost budget.

There are site which providing free web hosting service, like, and many more. Using this third alternative automatic has it own lacks and surplus.

Indeed from it cost aspect to this alternative is no problem be usually, free web hosting service provider site oblige us use their domain, and we can only use their sub domain (Third level domain) or placing in certain directory.

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