Domain Cloaking Definition


By Admin - Webhosting Directory and Details  - Desember 02, 2007


Domain Cloaking or URL Frame is domain feature which used to hide the real address / domain at browser appearance. Generally used to made your domain name look more professional or just easy to remember.

As the example, you web site URL address now is, with cloaking domain, your URL name that long can shorting be or or whatever as long that domain has no owner.

When visitor type the domain cloaking address at their browser, the name domain cloaking still show in their browser still while the website's content is from


In past, cloak domain name is used by many webmaster who join affiliates program. They use it to make their URL and ID is shortly and easy to remember. But today, domain cloaking has more problems with search engine.

The Dangers of Cloaking your URL

Search engine like Google knows how to uncover webmasters who are attempting to cloak their URLs.

Cloaking URL was a common technique a few years ago. It utilizes different entry pages optimized for each search engine. Cloaking URL creates a perfectly optimized page for each major search engine. It may appear to be the perfect solution to search engine optimization except that it is considered search engine spamming. You can be banned by search engine.

To catch your Cloaking URL, they spider your site using different IP addresses and identifications. If your page looks different to each spider it may determine your site is cloaked.


So if you want your site looks profesional and get more visitors, it is good to have your own domain name and make a good contents. People and search engine likes fresh content then don't cloak your domain name again.