Excess Using PHP

PHP known with its 4 excess:

1. Practical

PHP is programming language which very loose in writing, and this increasing practical for its user. Example, programmer not must to write or erase variable. Although sometime they also can not say it easy that then called in a script, guessing the best formula in deciding variable automatic then erase variable and returning source to system after script success to execute. At last, PHP can make programmer thinking at their last purpose from the project made.

2. Power

Already be public secret if PHP can make dynamic page, manipulating form, and can connected with data base. Beside mentioned before, evidently PHP can also do all the thing below:

  • Making and manipulating Macromedia flash file, pictures, and Portable document format (PDF),
  • Evaluating a password. Like: Is a password made, easy to guess or not.
  • Communicating with LDAP
  • Describing string, even the complex one, using POSIX and Perl Based Regular Expression Library
  • Communicating with many protocols, include IMAP, POP3 and NNTP
  • Communicating with credit-card processing solution

3. Possibility

Rare PHP developer who bound at an implementation problem solve. In other side, there are many option offered by PHP. Example is data base supported by PHP. More or less there are 25 data base, include Adabas D, dBase, Empress, FilePro, FrontBase, Hyperwave, IBM DB2, Informix, Ingres, Interbase, mSQL, direct MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Ovrimos, PostgreSQL, Solid, Sybase, Unix dbm, and Velocis.

String-parsing ability also can considered as how many possibility offered by PHP.  In this matter, PHP possessing more than 85 functions to manipulating string. This ability will not only offered freer to operating complex string, but bridge program which has same functional (like Python and Perl) by PHP.

4. Price

PHP is one of the open source software, which can mean as:

  • PHP can modified, distributed, and integrated with other product by it user.
  • It development and audit] do openly.
  • Every body is free to participate.