How to choose a good web hosting

By Admin

November 01, 2007

Many web developer and web designer in the world looking for compatible reliable web hosting. Generally their needs are looking for a good web hosting server, believable, and reachable cost. I write this article to make you easy find good web hosting.

In choosing a good web hosting, there are many condition you have do, the condition is:

1. A good server support which can be online.

Why have we chosen on line web hosting server support? This point is important because ; for example one day you need help to men setting something on your site, of course you will call that server support, although there are many thing you can do via costumer server interface that generally provide by web hosting provider. But is it more gratify if the answer of your question is humanly answered.

2. Good hardware and network support

This is very important too, because with their support probability your site failure will minimize. Now the network selection which appropriate with your visitor target is: if generally visitor target is an outsider you can use foreign world wide support web hosting. but if your visitor target is domestic visitor so you have to choose a web hosting which possessed network support at IIX, it so happens in choosing IIX network try to choose a server which possessed two IIX NETWORK KNOT, because our IIX network is uniquely, it is separate in 2 part, first part is telkom and another part is indosat, and both of them to this day can't straight connect yet.

After we seem two condition above, now we will comparable it with some web hosting server that we find at Internet.

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