Know About Internet World

By Admin

November 01, 2007


Internet word maybe not strange anymore particularly for people whose activity everyday involved in this technology. This day many companies that made internet as its main business, as a promotion media or just make a company profile for public.


A Flash Internet History

Internet is a global computer network which can be enjoyed by all people. First internet developed by US academism and military for research needed (science) and intelligent in 1969. Known is ARPANET project. No long after that ARPANET, developed be wider network then call internet.


In late 80 decades, internet began spread out to world wide. Internet offering many facilities like send e-mail, transfer file, chat even used to enjoy video and audio, so it's not amazing if internet development and the user number increase too.

Infrastructure you need in internet service is:

1. Computer can access it

  • Personal Computer

  • Notebook

  • PDA

  • Hand phone

2. Communication Network

  • Telephone wires

  • GPRS operator GSM cellular service

  • Transfer data operator CDMA cellular service

  • Optic wires network

  • Satellite

  • Electricity wires network

3. Modem (modulator demodulator)
4. Server computer online 24 hours to internet (ISP)
5. TCP/IP protocol
6. Application program to access it, like :

World Wide Web (WWW)

World Wide Web (WWW) and internet related one another. Internet is a global computer network, while www not only a network but inside it. There are a set communication application and software system which possessing characteristic below:

  • Generally placed on internet host and client

  • Generally using TCP/IP protocol

  • HTML

  • Follow client/server model

  • Enable client to access server with any protocol like HTML, FTP, Telnet, etc.

  • Enable client to access information in any media, like text, audio and video

  • Using Uniform Resource Locators (URL)

This www born in 1989 when a group of researchers want to make a new protocol to distributed information in internet. This researcher decided a new standard, then founded a consortium called W3C OR World Wide Web consortium to continue that standard development. This W3C at last give birth HTML.


Web Database

Web database basically same with other database system, is a process and store data system that can be accessed by programming language. There for, web database unlike conventional database that only for particularly platform only, web database more general because can be accessed by web application which most can run on any platform that developing with HTML tag or it kind, server side programming like: PHP, ASP, JSP, etc, and web server application like: APACHE, IIS, PWS, etc.

Ability to integrating database in to application which accessed user using this web browser made a database can be database web.

Web database can used to any necessity like trading necessity which can providing goods stock data, transaction to negotiating product purchase and sale known as e-commerce, beside that web database also can using as a web base academic system or online education known as e-education.


Web Business

Late this day, with internet media spread wide any where. Particularly in Indonesia, with cyber caf emerge every where, actually make many company begin offering any of their product using this media.

Internet present although is still new industry in grow up phase, internet has given strong conviction the importance of technology in reach a company financial purpose trough business process modification and efficiency, with using e-commerce. Internet ability to reach new costumer and reducing cost significant to distribution and costumer service is gain for company with shifting it circle commerce value to internet media.

Internet technology development quick changed made match strategy and business model this day and maybe no more relevant to apply tomorrow. With jump in web business, a company will get many luck, among is:

  • Company's image increase. Company's image is really important thing. If a company has good image, automatically will be easy for them to build up a relation.

  • Costumer service increasing. With showing information in detail about goods on sale, costumers now no need calling to ask about a good specification. With e-mail and download facility to a site also will help costumer get support at product they want to buy.

  • Unlimited expansion. Because web not limited by geographic and time, so a company can spread it wings as wide as can be to reach costumer in world wide.

In this competitive environment, beside good planning and realistic hope for new technology, also need enough readiness infrastructures. Because of this infrastructure has important role in business process to get maximal result.


Web Education

Maybe we ask, what web education is? This education model is education which benefiting internet technology, where education program held process with far away class method.


This web base education program also known as Electronic Education (E-education). It purpose formulated by far away holding college is noble enough, that is giving service to public in area where has not that education program until public can save money, particularly related with accommodation cost for educating, even so this idea is noble along with their effort to gain from that program held.

To do education model in this process of course need communication media used to academic and teaching system. With present of the system need database programming to managing and store that education program process.