PHP Basic for Beginner

Make your own dynamic website? Why not. Here, for you who’s really new in PHP script world.

This page purpose to awakening your interest and spirit to learn this language as the first foundation for you who want to make your own dynamic web site. Like a proverb, never know mean never love, this first page made to introducing us to PHP.

What is PHP? PHP is a program that installed on your web server software. PHP working at apache, Microsoft IIS, and other web server version (in case phptriad, used web server is apache web server).

You use php with inserting php code in to html which used to build your site. When a client visiting your site with this code, server will execute it. That is why you need installed your own server to testing your php code in local. In this matter, server is the brain not your browser.

Web Browser function is only to show server creation to client PC. Clients need no special additional or whatever to see your php code action in server because your php code execution result will take in to html code to client browser. The clever folk said, php is good cause not finish off CPU resources in server.

Php is a script language, like html. This mean, php is not necessary to compiling code before use it. Code we made will process when needed. This different with programmer language like C, VB or Delphi which need to compile (compiling mean change from text form to machine language that can execute direct by computer, usually it file extension is EXE).

It consequent, php need php server to execute php code which still in text form, while program compiled result in executable file form need no other program so can executed.

Before we dig deeper, you need to know there is a site which called Php is a open sources language, and is it control center (imagine if no body coordinate it, it development will be so complicated, right?). has many reference material about php and many kind of tips that sent by programmer from the world wide. has a great information and deeper about php, but will be so terrible for beginner to jump direct in there. But do not worry, in the last of this tutorial we will discuss about how utilizing that site.

Ok, now we know already about php, so what then? What php can do? Here, that php can:

  • Take information from web basic form and using it for many purpose ( depositing in database, make a page base on form content, sending e-mail automatic, and many more );
  • Visitor authentic and search , mean we can know which page our site visitor will love to see;
  • Servicing different page depend on browser or tools used (example we can know our site visitor using IE or Firefox or PDA and treat them different. Imagine if a monitor as small as PDA filling with a big standard web page?);
  • Show all our site page with using one lay out only. If it page static, we must make one lay out for one page, how miserable....

Other excess from php is this language can distribute freely alias open source, mean there are other increment beside can use free that is providing a lot of good material about this language, so when we know php foundation, will be so easy for us to improving our ability remind so many material providing every where.

Before starting, you need installing a server in your computer to try script you made locally. (If you has space in server which support php you can test your script in there also, but more difficult and expenses cause need FTP, internet access, long time and go on).

If you have no software yet to add php web server function in your computer, try to looking for in goggle. Then install it to your PC. When finished , turn on it apache (when you think it need database so use it mySQL, then type in address http://localhost when first page apache come out, mean your PC ready to test PHP. (Before forget, directory place where we must put our file later is in c:\apache\htdocs, please look at index file in that directory it content same with what appeared in first page when we access to localhost).

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