Web Application, History and Increment

By Admin

November 01, 2007


Along with internet development in early 1990 and HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) discovery which used to sent data in internet, since that application history begin. In that time standard document which used in internet is HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).

HTML is a markup language which used to make a web page and appearing any information in a browser (a software which functioned to show and do interaction with document that providing by web server). HTML not designed to make complex web application but only to show content and its format in text form and image in static form.

Web application is an application which using web server ability to processing data and send it to user by network/internet. Different with desktop application, where we must do installation on client side, so we can use this application. Web application only need a web browser that used only to show data which received from server.

Because limitation above at last emerging many technology which can make web application more dynamic. This technology can separate in two.

  • Client-Side technology. This technology made web application dynamic with do data manipulation on user side. Exmple for this technology is Javascript, Java Applet, Flash, etc. Increment that offered by this technology is ease and give "interaction" to web user interface.

  • Server-Side technology. This technology offered interaction from server side, because all data manipulated in server side. Client only receive output from server in usual HTML form. This technology example is CGI, PHP, JSP, ASP, ColdFusion, etc

To get a good web application, programmer usually using both of technology above, so that can producing a web application that powerful, because both of that technology offered different increment one and another.


Web Application Increment:

  • Web application more easy and cheap to use. With web application, we can reduce cost to implementing/ installing application in client side.

  • Web application more easy and cheap to upgrade. Maintenance and upgrade cost cheaper because only changed in server side.

  • Web application more flexible. With web application, we no need to think about operation system problem, because in default an operation system completed with web browser already.