Cheap Web Hosting Directory


Cheap we mean if the price of web hosting company is under $3 and has great features like free domain name, more space and bandwidth. 


Sometimes we purchase web hosting with huge features and very big space and bandwidth but we not yet need it, so it is a great idea to purchase what you need and you get low prices with affordable price. In future if your needs is growth, you can upgrade it to higher plan hosting.


Here is the list of cheap web hosting company, click details for more info.




Plan :  Eazhost 100MB Hosting

Details : 100 MB web space, Unlimited bandwidth, CPanel V.10, FTP access, Sub domain, Frontpage extension, Unlimited MySQL databases, 0.99 /month. More details.



Plan : Excite

Details : 5 GB web space, 10 GB bandwidth, FTP, PHP, Perl/CGI, Frontpage support, SSH, SSI, osCommerce, Web stats, CPanel, Apache, Redhat linux, $1 /month. More details.



Plan :  Basic account

Details : 1 GB space, 60 GB bandwidth, Windows 2003 server, ASP, PHP, FTP, $1 /month. More details.



Plan :  Standart Plan

Details : Cheap plan with 100 MB space, 1 GB bandwidth, Apache, Frontpage support, PHP, Perl, MySQL 4, POP3 e-mail accounts, FTP, web stats, $1.95 /month. More details.



Plan :  Standar Plan

Details : 200 MB space, 2 GB bandwidth, PHP, Perl, MySQL, CPanel, Frontpage support, Fantastico, $1.99 /month. More details.



Plan :  Beginner Plan (Cheap Euro Hosting Plan)

Details : 10 MB space, 500 MB bandwidth per month, PHP, POP3 e-mail, Webalizer, FTP, CPanel, 1 / month. More details.



Plan :  Basic Cheap Linux Hosting

Details : 500 MB space, 25 GB bandwidth, PHP 4 or 5, Perl 5, Frontpage support, MySQL databases, Unlimited e-mail accounts, $0.8 /month. More details.


C & C Advance Online Service

Plan :  Personal Hosting - Cheap packages

Details : 1 GB space, 1 GB bandwidth, PHP, Perl, Phyton, Frontpage support, Helm Control Panel, 1.96 per month. More details.



Plan :  Personal Silver

Details : 50 MB space, 250 MB bandwidth, Cpanel, File manager, PHP, Perl, CGI-BIN, Frontpage Extension, $0.75/month. More details.



Plan :  Alfa-suite Cheap hosting

Details : 100 MB space, Unlimited traffic, HTML, 1 e-mail account, Linux server, 0.10 per month. More details.

Plan :  Cheap Package hosting

Details : 10 GB space, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited POP3/IMAP accounts, Unlimited Subdomains, PHP, Perl, CGI, Frontpage Extension, $1.6 per month. More details.


2Mhost Cheap

Plan : Personal Package hosting

Details : 500 MB space, 25 GB data transfer, PHP 5, Perl, SSI, Unlimited e-mail, 200 sub domains, MySQL databases, phpMyadmin, AJAX, CSS, Flash, $2.75/month. More details.


Active 24 Hosting

Plan : Active Home

Details : 1 GB space, 10 GB bandwidth, Cheap hosting server, 150 POP/IMAP e-mail address, blog, PHP 4, Perl, Frontpage, macromedia, free domain name, unlimited sub domains, 2.60/month. More details.



Plan : Basic

Details : 500 MB web space, 100 GB data transfer per month, Php 4/5, frontpage support, Cheap host, CGI, Perl Phyton, 5 POP3/SMTP e-mail accounts, $2.99/month. More details.



Plan : Value Plan

Details : 500 MB space, 10 GB bandwidth, 100 POP3/SMTP accounts, 20 subdomains, PHP, PERL, SSL, SSI, Frontpage extension, $1.95. More details.



Plan : Cpanel Express Plan

Details : 100 MB space, 3 GB bandwidth, PHP, PERL, Frontpage extension, Awstats, WAP, Unlimited e-mail accounts, Unlimited subdomains. $0.99/month. More details



Plan : Starter

Details : PHP 4.3, Phyton, 750 MB space, 5 GB bandwidth, Plesk Control panel, online file manager, 20 autoresponders, $12.95/year. More details



Plan : Starter

Details : PHP 4.4.1 or 5.05, PERL 5.8.7, frontpage server extension, Cpanel 10, Mysql, Webalizer, 10 MB space, 3 GB bandwidth, $1.25/month. More details


XYLs Hosting

Plan : Starter

Details : Buy domain name at $16.95/year and get free hosting, 100 MB of Disk Space 500 MB Monthly Traffic 2 Email Boxes 1 MySQL database, $16.95/year. More details.