PHP Web Hosting


If you find a reliable web hosting with Php Featuring just review one by one of Php Web hosting list below.



Plan : Business Plan

Details : 120 GB space, 900 GB bandwidth, FREE Domain name, Free Site Studio, PHP 4, PHP 5, Perl, Free PHP scripts, PHP-Fusion, PHPList, PHPBB2 Forum, PHPWebsite,  PHPForm Generator, Linux Debian, Apache, $4.95 /month. More details.


CLF Technologies
Plan : Starter Personal Php hosting

Details : 200 MB file storage, 20 GB bandwidth, php, Control panel, Web stats, Frontpage support, POP3 e-mailbox, $3.95/month. More details.


Plan : WebStart Php Webhosting

Details : 5 GB space, 10 GB bandwidth, PHP, Frontpage support, Redhat Linux, Extend Control Panel, MySQL database, 4.99/month. More details.


Plan : Professional Php hosting

Details : Unlimited space, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited POP3/SMTP accounts, PHP scripts, Perl, Linux Operating system, Apache server, 19.95 Per month. More details.


Blurstorm PHP Hosting
Plan : Starter Php hosting

Details : 500 MB space, 10 GB bandwidth per month, PHP, Frontpage extension, MySQL, FREE Domain name, Unlimited e-mail accounts, $9.95/month. More details.


AlphaOne PHP Hosting
Plan : Starter Web hosting

Details : 1 GB space, Unlimited bandwidth, CPanel Control Panel Evolution, PHP 4, Perl, Frontpage extension support, Multimedia, $4.95/month. More details.


Adix Hosting
Plan : Personal Plan

Details : 1 GB space, 150 GB bandwidth, FREE domain name, PHP 4 or PHP 5, Perl, FTP, Frontpage, MySQL, Webalizer stats, 2.99/month. More details.


Plan : Personal Logic

Details : 300 GB Space, 600 GB bandwidth/month, Frontpage support, PHP, Perl, CGI-BIN, SSI,SSH, Free domain name, $3.95/month. More details.


Plan : Shared Bronze

Details : 5 GB Disk Space, 100 GB Bandwidth, Multiple Domain Hosting, Unlimited Email Accounts, starting at,$4.95, php, frontpage support. More details.



Plan : WiserWeb START

Details : 250 MB space, 10 GB bandwidth, Apache server, PHP4, PHP Zend, CGI, MySQL, Frontpage 2002, Free SSL, 25/year. More details.



Plan : Start Plan

Details : 250 MB space, 20 GB bandwidth, POP3/SMTP e-mail, PHP, CGI, SSI, Frontpage, Webalizer. More details.

Plan : Php 4 hosting

Details : 1 GB web space, Unmetered bandiwidth, mysql, SSI, SSL, Unlimited e-mail, $9.95/month. More details.



Plan : Basic PHP hosting

Details : 300 MB space, 5 GB bandwidth, Ms Access and MySQL databases, POP3/IMAP, osCommerce, Coldfusion, $99/year. More details.



Plan : Super Package

Details : 750 GB web space, 7500 GB banwidth, Unlimited MySQL, CPanel, SSI, SSL, FREE Domain name, Unlimited POP3/SMTP/IMAP. More details.



Plan : Gold Web hosting plan

Details : 1 GB space, 25 GB bandwidth per month, Cpanel Control panel, Frontpage 2002 extension, PHP, Perl, Unlimited subdomains, 19.99/year. More details.



Plan : Starter

Details : Get unlimited email, SSI support, PHP scripting, frontpage extension, shopping cart software, statistics, CPanel, CGI, Perl, ftp just for $4/month. More details



Plan : Maia Single Hosting

Details : Great cheap Php web hosting, FREE 1 domain, 1 GB space, 20 GB transfer, Php 5, CURL, GD, FREE CMS Installation and troubleshooting, 15 min Support Response time, $US 3.95 per month.

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